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Membership benefits

As a medical defence organisation, the Doctors and Dentists Protection Union, offers the following unique set of discretionary benefits. Subject to the terms and conditions, the member will be entitled to the following benefits, broadly divided into five categories (see Membership)


B.Professional regulatory

C.Training & Careers

D.Professional development

  1. Comprehensive defence and advice in all professional disciplinary matters in Training, in Employment, before the NHS Commissioning Board or before the GMC/GDC
  2. Representation in member’s legal action arising out of Employment, and for those who are not in Employment but have an agreement for the provision of services as a medical or dental professionals, then representation in contractual dispute arising from such agreement
  3. Advice and Representation in Performers list issues for GP and GDP principals and trainees
  4. Representation in Coroner’s Inquests or, in Scotland, Fatal Accident Inquiry
  5. Advice and Representation for trainees in ARCP appeals
  6. Advice regarding terms and conditions of service:
    1. Salary progression
    2. Leave entitlement
    3. Removal expenses and Travelling expenses
    4. Contract of employment
  7. Advice in professional issues:
    1. Confidentiality
    2. Ethical issues
    3. Medico legal practice
    4. Clinical Excellence Award
    5. Career progression including advice in CESR and CEGPR application process
    6. Local and national guidelines
  8. Advice and representation in grievance procedure commenced by a member:
    1. Involving a dispute about terms and conditions of employment including remuneration, and
    2. Involving a complaint of bullying, harassment, whistle-blowing or discrimination

The benefits are discretionary and provided by Medic-Law Ltd.