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The Doctors and Dentists Protection Union (DDPU) membership service gives the opportunity to get all our services as benefits.

The full list of benefits are in Membership Benefits page .


Employment Contract

The benefits apply if the incident happens while the professional is a DDPU member.

If the professional is not a current member but was a member at the time of the incident related to which he has the issues, he will be assisted.

But if the member after having an incident or issue, then joins the DDPU membership, he can only get assistance from our partners on a private paying basis.




values, code, principlesComplete defence in matters relating to the professional regulatory affairs

This is provided in relation to disciplinary proceedings undertaken by the General Medical Council/General Dental Council, NCAS, Deaneries and other bodies which regulate the competence, conduct and standards of the health professionals.

Unlike some other organisations, we do not automatically exclude some types of conduct, like personal conduct  when it is relevant to the regulatory bodies.





bubble_trainingWe provide support in the form of advice, assistance in progression of training of health professionals.

ARCP appeals assistance and advice

CESR/CEGPR-Assistance is provided in applying for Specialist Registration under Article 14 (Specialist recognition of training, CESR and CEGPR).

By providing integrated cover which covers all the aspects of training, careers, employment and disciplinary issues, we are able to resolve many issues before they affect training and career progression.