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As Doctor and Dentist legal experts, the Doctors and Dentists Protection Union (DDPU) has a novel and unique approach to medical and dental defence. We are the only legal defence organisation who has the medico legal expertise covering all aspects of professional defence required by the medical and dental professionals working in the UK.

The Model

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Our model, as Medical legal advisors, puts the overall professional well-being of the client at the heart of our strategy. A professional problem can be very stressful and in our model there is emphasis on prevention or earliest possible resolution.


We aim to achieve prevention by providing continuing updates to members and engaging them in CPD aimed at prevention.


We consider that it is essential that all disciplinary matters should be dealt proactively and competently from the outset. Our model does not fragment defence into “employment” and “before the GMC/GDC”, as existing providers do.

From the beginning

We defend members in Employment disciplinaries with the same vigour that the others reserve for GDC/GMC defence issues. The issues that end up before GMC and GDC mostly arise from  work place and we deal with them early on so that the damage arising can be limited early on. This approach prevents the doctor being reported to GMC/GDC and/or makes the position of the affected professional stronger if it happens. It makes sense that those who defend before GMC/GDC should take charge of the practitioner’s defence from the very outset. This not only ensures good outcome at the place of work but also before the GMC/GDC.

The Doctors and Dentists Protection Union Team

Our model is based on provision of comprehensive defence from a single team from start to finish. We are the only ones to have an integrated and comprehensive service and the case studies and feedback bear testament to the success of this approach.