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Some of our past cases

  • Dr SB v PCT: Representing a doctor in dispute with the PCT and before the GMC
  • Mr UD v GMC/Employer/Deanery: representing a trainee before the GMC IOP, before the Deanery, before the employer and European employer.
  • Dr CS v GMC: representing a staff-grade doctor before the GMC IOP and FTP.
  • Dr OA v GMC/Employer: Representing Dr OA before FTP and Employment Tribunal.
  • Dr SK v Secretary of State and Welsh Assembly: representing Dr SK in a landmark case where the policy of the Secretary of State towards overseas trainees was declared unlawfully discriminatory.
  • Dr AT v GMC/Trust/Deanery: representing a trainee in the Trust disciplinary and before the Deanery, assisting in High Court litigation against the Trust and negotiating a mediated settlement.
  • Dr RT v PCT (FHSAA)/ GMC: representing a GP trainee before the FHSAA and before the GMC.
  • Mr VJ v Secretary of State for Health: assisting a trainee in a landmark Employment Tribunal case, leading to a settlement of 630K in his favour.
  • Dr SG v Trust: assisting a consultant in Employment Tribunal.
  • BAPIO (an organization) v Secretary of State for Health and the Home Secretary (assisting BAPIO in a landmark victory in a Judicial Review, upheld on appeal before the House of Lords).
  • Dr TZ v GMC: representing a GP trainee at the Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal against the GMC.
  • Five doctors v BMA: Class Action, representing one of the five doctors in the Employment Tribunal, leading to a six-figure settlement.
  • Nine doctors v Secretary of State for Health and the Welsh Assembly: Class Action representing nine doctors in the Employment Tribunal, leading to an six figure settlement.
  • Dr AC v Trust/GMC: assisting a clinical assistant before the GMC; assisting in a successful claim in the Employment Tribunal against the Trust.
  • Mr RJ v STA: representing Mr RJ in STA appeal.
  • Mr CC v PMeTB: assisting a trainee in PMETB appeal
  • Dr VL v Trust/GMC: assisting Dr VL in obtaining assistance from her MDO, in Trust Disciplinary, in the GMC and in High Court litigation
  • Dr SK v Trust/Deanery/MDO: assisting a GP trainee in obtaining assistance from MDO and in a claim against the Deanery and the Trust.
  • Mr SK v Trust: assisting a consultant in quashing the disciplinary process.
  • Miss WH v Trust: assisting a staff grade doctor in disciplinary process before the Trust and assisting in her High Court case.
  • Dr RB v Trust/GMC: Representing a Specialty Doctor before GMC and in Trust Disciplinary and assisting in a High Court claim of breach of contract
  • Dr NS v Deanery: Successfully representing a trainee against expulsion from training program and in RITA process

Own cases of Rajendra Chaudhary