Our Aim

Doctors and Dentists Protection Union is an UK membership organisation of Medical legal experts, that aims to protect and defend the doctors and dentists members in matters relating to their profession.

Membership Benefits

Our team of Medical legal advisors will provide for every member of the Doctors and Dentists Protection Union, the full set of membership benefits.

How Are We Unique?

The Doctors and Dentists Protection Union team, as Medical legal experts, we combine defence and support with preventative training and we are the only defence organisation who cover GMC/GDC issues, training, employment and contract for services.

  • Comprehensive and Holistic Defence.
  • Representation in Performers List.
  • Representation in Coroner’s Inquests.
  • Representation for Trainees in ARCP Appeals.
  • Advice in professional issues.
  • Legal Representation Arising from Employment.

Our Membership Service Gives The Opportunity To Get All Our Services As Benefits